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Hootone Remedies is an Indian pharmaceutical organization with ISO 9001:2000 certification and manufacturing according to FDA GPM Standard Specifications, following the traditional time proven Indigenous Indian ethics of Unani system in concurrence with the most modern medical findings, exercising our own innovative techniques for developing drugs for the dreaded diseases like AIDS, Cancer, Leukemia, Hepatitis, Kidney failure, Heart problems & Liver diseases etc confronting the contemporary world. Hootone Remedies aims at researching & developing herbal drugs, especially the life saving ones not available in any other system at present and our R&D wing had several landmark achievements to its credit, like formulating the most outstanding anti-retroviral Unani drug HOO-IMM Plus which recorded 98% inhibition in invitro test whereas the inhibition recorded by any other anti-retroviral drug in the present market is within the range of 35-65% only. According to the Unani concept health does not mean mere physical fitness, but, physical, mental and spiritual well being of a human being and therefore our policy has been first to impart proper spiritual training to the patients to make their mental make-up conducive to accept our treatment and then to treat the disease. 'Prevention is better than cure'. In keeping with this medical dictum we give priority in the processing of prophylactic products together with indoctrinating the people at large through electronic & printed media towards this concept. Cure for hiv aids in mumbai Cure for hiv aids in india Hiv cure in india hiv cure in mumbai Hiv aids medicine in india Hiv aids medicine in mumbai
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